Expression Media 2 Beta available for download – Oops, false start!

Sorry everyone, the Expression Media 2 Beta announcement snuck out the gates a little early - it's not quite release time! I'll keep you posted (but maybe I won't be quite so quick to blog next time!) Shane

Expression Media 2 Beta is now available for download for Mac and PC. Remember it's beta so don't use it for real work.

There are some exciting new features like:

  • Virtual Earth: See or record right where the picture was taken.

  • Multi-Monitor support for Light Table: Increase your triage productivity with your Light Table open on one monitor while your catalog and tools are up on another. No more need to switch back and forth between views.

  • Smarter Import Process: Port your media in a faster, more stable environment.

  • Hierarchical Keywords: A new “Keyword finder” display in the organize panel that allows you to create and view hierarchies of keywords.

· For Windows XP and Vista users:

· For Mac Tiger and Leopard users:

Comments (3)

  1. anony.muos says:

    So quickly v1 has become outdated.

  2. Garry Trinder says:


    Or, so quickly v1 has been improved upon even more!

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Hmm, links broken right now… shanemo

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