Artists in Residence rocked so much it hurt

Well we had our first Silverlight Artists in Residence last week in Melbourne and it totally rocked. Really. I was ready for the first one to be a bit average, but we left average in our dust. Jordan Knight from Readify was an awesome facilitator. He not only has deep Silverlight skills, he is really…


Announcing Silverlight ‘Artists in Residence’ – Melbourne 1-5 December

Back in February, Kordesy and I attended a program called “Artists in Residence” in Redmond. We had a blast, and learned stuff too! So Kordesy was determined to bring the Artists in Residence magic to Australia. Therefore… announcing the first Aussie Artists in Residence! Artists in Residence The idea of Artists in Residence is to…


I’m speaking at IDEF08, November 12 in Melbourne.

I’ll be speaking on Wednesday November 12 at the "Develop – Industry Symposium and Showcase", part of IDEF08, the International Digital Entertainment Festival in Melbourne. Here’s the blurb: Welcome to the Social Back in the ‘olden days’, people worried that computers and technology would take away our ability to relate to one another. Nowadays, we…


Design principles for Windows 7

Long Zheng has put up some photos from the "Design principles for Windows 7" session at PDC. These really are general principles that we should all take into account designing software experiences. The example of the jump lists in Windows 7 is interesting. By right-clicking on an application icon in the task bar or start…


You can be a usability specialist like Olly

Nice to see "Technology Usability Specialist" highlighted on the ABC’s "Ace Day Jobs" site. Technology Usability Specialist I have to agree with Oliver, one of the best parts of the job is the variety – I personally have worked for organisation ranging from defence to retailers to utilities to media companies. (Oh, and large software…


Gekko Expression Media Workshops

Gekko Images in Sydney has introduced three new Expression Media courses: Expression Media as DAM   (Sydney November 25) Introduction to Using Expression Media   (Sydney November 26) Expression Media for Power Users  (Sydney November 27) Gekko has been working with Expression Media (and iView MediaPro before that) for years, especially working with professional photographers. No-one in…


Silverlight Designer and Developer Network launches in Melbourne

Jordan Knight has sent out the announcement – and the (temporary) website is up, so the rumours must be true – The Silverlight Designers and Developer Network has been launched. The first meeting is Thursday November 27th at Microsoft in Melbourne, and features two fantastic speakers: Jonas Follesoe, and Shane Morris (hey that’s me!) The…


The Delicate Genius and Shane discuss Silverlight

Check out the podcast Kordesy and I did with Jeremy Kelaher at Tech.Ed. The Delicate Genius and Shane discuss Silverlight As Kordesy says, we talk about: Silverlight Adoption The state of Silverlight in Australia and who’s using it Designers and Silverlight/Expression They synergies between Mesh and Silverlight Surface


A Website Named Desire

Nishant Kothary launched this site today: The site lets you Deepzoom on a poster Nishant, Xplane and others have created which attempts to capture the organised chaos that is website design and development (well that’s my take on it anyway). I particularly like the body language between the Graphic Designer (blue), the Information Architect…