All Blacks Silverlight Gadget

image I've no intention of announcing every Silverlight site that appears, but the All Blacks sidebar gadget is pretty cool.

The funny part is how they didn't allow enough space for a three-digit score against Portugal. Maybe the designer wasn't a Kiwi?




Go Wallabies!

Comments (2)

  1. nparker says:

    You are right the designer lives in Australia… I pinged him about this today 😉

  2. ng says:

    The "deseloper" (or is that "devigner") is not only an aussie – he doesn’t understand this ‘rugby’ stuff either (from the deep south).. Anyhow this problem was fixed yesterday afternoon when the new scores came through – but couldn’t be deployed until this morning (due to site lockdown for world cup). Users will be able to see the fixes immediately – without having to reinstall the gadget.

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