UXIDIA Lunch in Melbourne this Fri (21st)

A bunch of us are getting together for lunch in Melbourne this Friday. Details here: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/265404/. Please rsvp on Upcoming if you're coming so I can book.

(UXIDIA stands for User eXperience, Interaction Design, Information Architecture - I made it up.)

Comments (5)

  1. Paul Jenkins says:

    Is the acronym itself a good user experience itself though Shane? 😛

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Well, ‘UXIDIA’ is not an intuitive user experience, but it is a productive one. Intuitiveness vs Productivity – the timeless user experience tension.


  3. Paul Jenkins says:

    Score: 1 Shanemo, 0 me. Nice come back 😉

    Would be fun, but I’m "just" a student semi-interested in such things, and Friday is terrible for me 😉

    Have fun though.

  4. Scott Rippon says:

    Thanks for organising the lunch today.  Was good fun.  I’d be interested to hear what people think but I’d definitely be keen to have a semi-regular (bi-monthly) lunch or after work drinks 🙂

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