Expression Designer workflow in a nutshell

Fellow UXE in Canada, Qixing Zheng, has posted a nice summary of a typical designer workflow using Expression Design and Blend. Of course, your mileage may vary but this is a nice encapsulation about how it might work.

Here is the whole post, a series of answers to frequently asked questions from the Expression launch in Canada.

Expression Workflow by Qixing Zheng

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  1. Samiq says:

    I presented on Expert Zone LatinAmerica last week and one on the questions that got more impulse was regarding the Workflow between Designers and Developers.

    For that reason I came out with this post regarding the topic and attached a translated image of the workflow here referenced to Spanish, it really captures the day to day process we follow while working on this!

    Thanks for the reference and keep up the great work Shane.

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