– maybe we should issue all designers with square glasses?

Well it just goes to show you you can't tell a developer by their pocket protector anymore. is live - upload your photo and see whether your job description matches your t-shirt.

This is a nice little lead-in to the "Designers are from Venus, Developers are from Mars" panel I am moderating at Remix next week (sold out, sorry). I'll see if I can get each of the panellists (Lee Brimelow, Gerry Gaffney, Philip Beadle and Adam Kowaltzke from Avanade) to post a photo and we'll let the home viewers vote...

Designers are from Venus, Developers are from Mars

We've scheduled this panel as the last session of Remix as a way to recap some of the discussion/issues/arguments from the previous two days. One of the objectives of Remix is to stimulate more discussion and interaction between traditional developer and designer communities, so maybe at the panel we can talk a bit more about how developers and designers will work together in a future of richer applications and shorter timeframes.

If you have a question/topic you'd like to see covered in the panel and want to get in early, drop me a line.

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