Free online Expression training!

Arturo Toledo, our UX technical product manager back in Redmond has pointed out some free Expression training on from and TotalTraining.


The Expression Blend training is presented by Lee Brimelow, who is a guest speaker at Remix later this month in Melbourne. Note that Lee is talking about Expression Blend v1 - i.e. it's mainly about building WPF UI's. Blend v2 (currently in preview) has the Silverlight-specific enhancements. is offering their Expression Blend v1 (6 hours) and Expression Design v1 (6 hours) free for everyone. Lee Brimelow is the presenter for Blend and Ted LoCascio for Design. 

Expression Blend – 3 hrs Blend RTM (WPF) training … great for more advanced topics  - 3 hrs (aprox) Blend Beta (just as useful J)… Great for the foundation on Blend for WPF.


Expression Design – 6 hours of great content


4 hours of free training from Total Training are also available at covering each of the four Expression tools. 

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  1. Richard Lee says:

    And here’s some tutorials and samples on the MSDN’s Expressions blog

  2. Found via Aussie UX Evangelist, Shane Morris , get free online Expression training from . The

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