XBAPs for Firefox coming

I read on Ryan Stewarts blog that XBAP support for Firefox is coming. [Translation: XBAP's are WPF applications delivered in and running in a browser. WPF applications can currently run as a fully-fledged Windows application, or delivered through Internet Explorer on Windows. The article talks about Microsoft plans to support XBAP applications running on Firefox too.]

Support for XBAP in Mozilla Firefox is coming by ZDNet's Ryan Stewart -- At an event today on Microsoft's campus, Ian Ellison-Tayler, the WPF Product Unit Manager mentioned that XBAP support is coming to Mozilla Firefox as part of the .NET Framework 3.5 update that will ship with Visual Studio "Orcas". This means that RIA developers can deploy browser based WPF applications to both IE and Firefox. WPF just got a big boost as a browser technology.

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