Age of UX – one down

Well the first Age of UX event really well - I think. The numbers were great, there were lots of good questions (and one sticky question - Kordsey knows what I mean), the pizza's were good and on the roadtrip home Kordsey and I got to bond as only newbies can - by complaining and eating jelly snakes.

There are definitely some things we can tune up. For a start I need to tighten up my opening presentation, and next time I want more time to demo Blend!

Kordesy did a great job demoing Expression Web - the first time I've seen him do it with enough time to get in up to his elbows. He only had one demo blooper when he temporarily misplaced the feature to visually edit CSS styles, which is a shame, since this is a cool way to make basic tweaks to styles without having to see the CSS source. There was much interest in the standards stuff, including some good discussion about just how far to go when it comes to 'enforcing' standards and semantic markup, as opposed to just 'advising'. This included Kordesy's sticky question.

So to rub salt into Kordsey's wounds, I awarded the prize for best question (questions?) to said sticky question - I took a quick mobile phone shot of Alexi from Oxide Interactive with his free full-version of Expression Web, but it came out looking like a Kandinsky left out in the rain, so sorry Alexi - you don't get to see your face up in lights on UXB.

Thanks also to Alinta Thornton from Hiser for provding her views on future directions for UX. I really have to blog sometime about the whole 'good tools don't make good design' discussion.

I'll try and get time with Monique over the next couple of days while I'm in Sydney and we'll lock in the next one - which I am going to suggest should be Brisbane.

Finally, if you were at the briefing last night and have any questions or comments about how we could have done better, then send 'em through, or leave a comment below.

Next stop, Brisvegas. (Kordesy, we might have to fly for this one, mate...)

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  1. Yesterday shanemo kicked off the first AoUX . I reckon we did a half decent job. Shane’s take on how

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Allow me to translate the following:

    "I want more time to demo Blend!" = "Kordsey couldn’t get his timing right and went over on his slot forcing me to run short on mine"



    PS, should we vote as to whether "Kordsey" is an appropriate nick name for me??

  3. LD says:

    I’m somewhat confused as to the identity of ‘Kordesy’ or is it ‘Kordsey’?

    Either way, he sounds like a real occa bloke, and that I am very sure of, is far removed from reality.

  4. Garry Trinder says:

    Dear Michael, please feel free to nominate your preferred nickname. Shane.

  5. Garry Trinder says:

    We can try . . .

    Reverend Dr Michael His Highness Kordahi 🙂

  6. I have been out of the office for a week , and will be out for another week . But this hasn’t stopped

  7. It turns out, a sticky question that would have been more appropriately directed at marketing!

    I was good meeting both you and Michael, also hearing about the Expression products and Microsoft’s shift in focus.

    I’ve had a quick play with Expression Web and so far it seems to make Standards-based maintenance pretty quick.

    I’m looking forward to taking it for a proper test drive when I next get the chance – to see how it effects the process of building a site from the ground up!

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