2 Yins for every Yang

Obviously, Scott Barnes just doesn't have enough firepower to keep up with me, so Frank has provided me (well, us, but I like to think 'me') with a new playmate. Based in Sydney, Michael Kordahi is also focussing on evangelising to the Web developer/designer community. We had a wild time visiting various web and design agencies in Sydney last week talking about WPF, WPF/E, Expression, Gadgets and all sorts of stuff. We started off with a briefing for one of Microsoft's own agencies. We figured they'd be gentle with us since Microsoft is a client and therefore a great warmup. Instead they had about a million great ideas for using the new capabilities which they expressed in the form of questions to me and Michael - some of which we were able to answer and some of which we're going away to find out about, and some of which we will be sending back to Redmond as great enhancements.

If you're an interactive agency / design firm / user experience outfit or development shop with a strong user experience focus, and you'd like to hear about MS's UX strategy and tools first-hand, or you'd just like the chance to make one of us squirm under a barrage of questions, then get in touch (hit the email link over there). A key part of the job is to 'reach out' to designers and help them understand what MS is up to when it comes to user experience, so call now for a free no-obligation visit from a friendly Microsoft evangelist.

Oh, and welcome Michael! And thanks for watching my back at the agency visits last week.

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  1. Scott Barnes says:

    I can’t do it cap`n, i dun hoove da power!

    I thunk itza broken fretz.


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