The yin to my yang

Everybody please welcome Scott Barnes. Scott is our shiny new web VAR evangelist, based in Brisbane. If my job is to reach out to designers about everything UX, then Scott's job is very similar, but with more developer focus. So the good news for me is that Scott is way more technically savvy, and will be able to explain to me the difference between Unix and Yahoo, and other stuff that designers don't understand.

Welcome Scott!


Comments (3)

  1. Scott Barnes says:

    heheh Thanks for the Welcome Shane. I have a design background so at least I know what Photoshop Filters can do and why they exist, so for that we can establish a bridge (get it, bridge) between each others pieces of the WebVAR puzzle.

    Looking forward to the collaboration!

    MS rox0rz as the kids say today…

  2. Berno says:

    Hey Shane, you have been tagged. Come and share 5 things about you with your blog readers! Don’t be shy, frank and I had done it. – B.

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Sorry Berno, I committed to keeping this blog on topic, so I’m gonna stick to my plan. Shane

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