Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista

Check out this video preview of Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista.Uses lots of whizzy WPF and Vista tricks like transparency, scaling and sidebar gadgets. From an interaction design perspective my favourite bit is the voice-level indicator. Gives users good feedback and helps them feel in control. Coincidentally, I did some conceptual design work for some similar functionality for a company here in Australia almost exactly a year ago. Some of the stuff we came up with was very similar. Didn't think of tabbed conversations though. D'oh.

More discussion:,,1759,2079574,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

Where they say: The team also decided that "a new coat of paint wasn't really going to cut it if we want to wow users, and so we decided to work closely with Microsoft and build Yahoo Messenger for Vista,". This is an important point - user experience design is about so much more than eye-candy.




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  1. Rob Farley says:

    🙂 I’ve been using tabbed conversations with MSN Msgr for a while now. MsgPlus has it. Just make sure you don’t install the sponsor if you install it – it’s much safer to just send the guy some cash if you want to pay him.

  2. Thanks to all the confusing timezone abbreviations and me just thinking everything revolves around me

  3. Shane Morris (and others ) point to the Yahoo! Messenger on WPF! demo featured on 10, which was shown

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