Free tickets – "Interaction Design Studio" dry-run

I am running a new tutorial entitled “Interaction Design Studio” at CHI07. This is a spin-off from “Principles of Interaction Design”, and is a short, no-lecturing, exercises-only studio session to give interaction designers a chance to build their design muscles in a ‘safe’ environment.


I’m having a dry-run in Melbourne (Southbank) on Wednesday the 10th of January at 6pm and I am looking for 6 more volunteers to test the tute on. No charge, first-in first-served, but you must be ready to give feedback. Email me ( if you’d like to come along.



PS. Here’s a bit more about the course:




The ‘design studio’ plays an important role in the education of designers from many disciplines. Acknowledging that design theory and formal techniques are only half of the equation, design studios provide students with an environment where they are able to experiment, explore, access and defend their own work. In doing so they build their own design ‘intuition’ – the part that can’t be learnt from books.


Acknowledging that many people who have come to the field of interaction design have not come from a design background, this course aims to reproduce, for a very short time, the environment of the design studio.


Interaction Design Studio provides a dynamic, fun and most importantly safe environment for practicing user interface designers, interaction designers and information architects to explore and build their design intuition, hone their ability to generate design solutions and critique and defend their own work, and the work of others - away from the demands of clients, colleagues and production deadlines.


There are no formal lectures, no formal content – just the chance to develop new and existing skills through fun, fast-paced design exercises, active dialogue and the sharing of ideas in a safe environment.  This is place where experienced designers can take risks and make mistakes all in the name of building their skills, knowing that no project deadlines will be harmed in the creation of their designs. 


WARNING: This course contains crayons.

Comments (5)

  1. Stephen Cox says:

    You should run a session in Sydney too just to make sure you have honed the course to its utmost – i’m sure I could get a stack of people interested.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Steve – you never know… Shane

  3. Bronwen says:

    And you should do one in Brisbane too…

  4. Linz says:

    Good call Stephen…Hands up for Sydney

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