Designer crunch time – 2007 the year of the Rich Internet App?

This post by Ryan Stewart on ZDNet predicts big things for Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) in 2007. 10 Predictions for Rich Internet Applications in 2007 by ZDNet’s Ryan Stewart — The run down of 10 predictions for Rich Internet Applications in 2007 covering everything from Apollo and Apple to Vista and WPF/E. It’s going to…


WPF online chat this Friday

For those who like to get up early just before Christmas, the WPF team at Microsoft are holding an online chat on Friday morning our time where they’ll be taking WPF questions, feedback etc. I know I’ll be there. Canned text from Tim Sneath below….     Chat Online with the WPF Team Following on…


Don’t clck it

A really interesting UI concept to avoid clicks. Educational value only. What’s wrong with clicks afterall? Let’s not even talk about accessibility.


User Experience Maturity Model – Microsoft Style

Internally at MS we’ve been talking about how to define and assess an organisation’s “user experience capability”. This is important because different organisations have different levels of sophistication when it comes to defining, creating and assessing user experience, and when I am talking to organisations I need to be able to assess ‘where they are…


Help Shane get to Designertopia

So Darren McCormick the UXE “Role Owner” at “Corp” (see my Microsoft induction training is working) sent a bunch of us invitations to speak at Designertopia in London in February. Thing is, London is far away and costs a lot to get to (not to mention the price of pints). Frank (my boss) says there…


Who’s better at parking a car – person or computer?

First (?) rule of user experience: Computers are good at doing some things (counting) and people are good at doing other things (imagining, or parking). Let the computer do what it’s good at, so that people can do what they are good at: Lexus self parking video (funny)  By my calculation, the car was actually…


My reason for being (well, one) has arrived

Today one of the main reasons for me being at Microsoft arrived. On Monday in the US Microsoft’s Expression suite of products was (more) officially announced, and the first product in the suite, Expression Web, was released. The pending arrival of the Expression products was one of the main reason for me taking this user experience…