I was born at a very young age…

Where to start, where to start?

Dave Glover (MS evangelist) gave me some good advice - better than David Lemphers' (also MS evangelist) anyway: start with your bio. So, here's a little bit about me...

At uni I did an Honours degree in computer science (Melb) and a Masters in cognitive science (UNSW). That made me qualified for a job I didn't even know existed yet. Instead I started out as a developer/knowledge engineer (showing my age).

Pretty soon, though, I met Sarah Bloomer, and discovered that there was a job called "user interface designer" and that I was qualified! Fortunately for me, Sarah got to know Andrew Hiser at a party at my parents house (thanks Mum and Dad!), and Sarah and Andrew formed The Hiser Group. I was the first person on staff at Hiser (although I was a contractor - the first actual employee was Fiona Ingram, now at Sensis).

I did my first stint at Hiser, then went to TUSC Computer Systems, as a GUI Technical Specialist. Before too long, though, I was back at Hiser where I stayed for 6 years, ending up as Principal Consultant and General Manager - Victoria.

Then I went out freelancing for about five years, forming my own company: Echo Interaction Design. At Echo I did projects for heaps of different clients, and also subcontracted to a bunch of different usability/interaction design/information architecture firms, including Hiser, Information and Design, Stamford Interactive, Symplicit, and IID.

Over my design career I've worked on traditional graphical user interfaces, web sites, internet applications, kiosks, multimedia products, mobile applications and physical devices. I've taught user-centred design techniques in the USA, UK, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. I have also developed a tutorial called "Principles of Interaction Design" which I teach from time to time in-house for organisations, and for conferences.

 OK, 2 posts done (phew)...

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