Welcome again!

Hello everyone!

   First of all, I would like to update you with what I have been doing (in other words, what you have been missing)

   I transitioned the teams, and am working for UNIX Interop team (in Windows Server) for quite some time now. I also had an opportunity to take up Program Manager role.

We own three components -

  1. Telnet (Yeah, one of the oldest mechanisms to login)

  2. Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications

  3. Identity Management for UNIX

   Primarily my work deals with -

  1. Release Management - Ensuring our components are in the server/client as case might be.

  2. Customer relations - This involves taking part in conferences, handling TAP customers, Beta chats etc

  3. Feature work - As time allows, I might take up some stuff like threat modeling, etc. Hopefully, as vista gets shipped I will get more opportunity to work on specing.

In my other posts I will attempt to cover different components, their workings, FAQs, as well as anything that catches my attention.

So long!

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