New team and we are Hiring!

Recently my team got "re-orged". It normally means that the current project has run its course or there are more important projects that need resources and hence team moves on to a new project.

We are "Developer Division Customer Product Lifecycle Experience Team" (DDCPX) and our vision is "Helping Developer Division create positive customer experiences throughout the product life cycle". Josh Ledgard is currently running a competition to help select the team's logo.

We are currently running against a tight deadline and we will appreciate all the help we can get (Yeah, DDCPX wants you!). We are looking for SDETs at all levels of experiences, so if you want to ensure right product is shipped to right people in right way, look no further! You can check out the job postings at Microsoft jobs and if you can't find it send me the URLs of your resume. I can't guarantee reply for everyone but rest assured each resume will be looked at!

SDE openings are discussed by HeathS


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