Remote connection to windows (using rcmd)

I recently was looking for remote command utility which would enable me to run various commands on other windows boxes. Thats when I came across Remote Command (rcmd : ).

I remember rcmd provided in Unix machines. (man page for rcmd states: The rcmd() function is used by the super-user to execute a command on a remote machine using an authentication scheme based on reserved port num-bers. The difference in windows command is you don't need to be super-user, If you have valid accounts in both machines and they are connected over network you can use this.



    It allows me to run all commands just as if I am on the DOS prompt. Setting up was very easy. Refer:

   STDOUT and STDERR was redirected easily and I had no issues getting logs either at my controller or client machines.

   It uses default credentials if none are provided so the usages are handsoff and very maintainence friendly.


   Since RCMDSVC (service part which runs at each client) uses LOCAL SYSTEM credentials, it doesn't have any rights by default to use Network resources.  Of-course, there might be a way to circumvent it by running service under different credentials (say a user login), but I haven't tried that. Of-course companies should be disabling the rights to allow services to be run under different credentials to control migration of data.

   I have also seen RCMDSVC dying, hence it is a good idea to have restart of service when service stops as a default options.

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