IN and OUT Performance Point Server

A common question is the functionality IN Performance Point Server from ProClarity, the following should help clarify


Here are some specific things that ProClarity 6.3 has that PPS v1 will not have:

· Decomposition tree visualization

· Performance map (heat map) visualization

· Perspective  visualization (Point chart with a measure on each axis)

· Pie Charts

· 3-D charts

· Area chart

· Selector functionality (a tool to assist in building dynamic sets)

· KPI Designer functionality (a tool to assist in building KPI indicators)


Here are some common areas of functionality:

· UI for designing the query (placing hierarchies on rows, columns, filter axis.  Selecting members)

· Ability to create custom MDX queries

· Grid views

· Line charts

· Bar charts

· Drill up/Drill down navigation

· Expand/ Collapse navigation

· Cross-drill navigation (drill down to a level of a different hierarchy)

· Drill to Detail

· Show/Hide individual members

· Sorting & filtering (filtering = Top & Bottom filters (count, percent, sum), less than, greater than, between, eliminate empty rows/columns)


More information can be found here


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