ASP.Net RssToolkit Version 2.0

I have been part of the team working on the latest version ASPNET RssToolkit, originally created by Dmitry Robsman. We enhanced this awesome Toolkit and have just released version 2.0 of the Toolkit. Please check out Codeplex to download this toolkit. Here are some of the changes in this version – Consume and publish Atom/Rdf/Opml…


Translate your text using Google Api’s

Here is how you can translate a Text using Google’s “Unofficial” API’s. The URL for Google Translate is –{0}&langpair={1} “text” is your input string which needs to be translated. langpair is the language pairs involved in the tranlsation. E.g. “ar|en” means translate from Arabic to English. The result when you browse to the URL…


VS 2005 not loading project on IIS 7 and Vista

If you get this error when loading a Web Application project on Visual Studio 2005 running on Vista and IIS 7 – “Unable to read the project file ‘xxx.csproj’. The Web Application Project xxx is configured to use IIS. To access local IIS Web sites, you must install all of the following components: Internet Information…


101 LINQ query samples

If you are starting into writing LINQ queries or you are stuck in writing a query here is a link which I’m sure will help you –


Convert any feed to ATOM

Judging by ATOM’s rising popularity, see Atom compared to RSS, and its public endorsement by Google. Atom may be the future of Feed Syndication. Here is a quick way, courtesy of Google, to convert any Feed type to Atom. Google provides a nice REST interface to convert your feed into ATOM. Just do a Get…


Creating Widgets using Javascript Simple Syndication – JSS

Web syndication is a way to make content of your website or application available for others to use.  Rss/Atom/Rdf are specifications, which websites use for this purpose. However to consume such formats in your website, you need to know a little programming as these feeds are in Xml and they have a certain specification. Let’s…


MSDN Video Vista Sidebar Gadget

I created a Vista Gadget with the help of my Lead Jon Gallant. This gadget helps you find Videos on MSDN. You can select from existing categories or you can search for videos. It shows the Video links at the bottom. When you hover over the video links it shows a tooltip with a thumbnail…


Convert Rss to JSON – Serialize to JSON by using XmlSerialization and JavaScriptSerializer

JSON (Javascript Object Notation) – is a light weight data interchange format.  It essentially is composed of key-value pairs.  For Example –  XML <rss version=”2.0″>   <channel>     <item>       <link></link>       <title>Page Title</title>     </item>   </channel> </rss> JSON  – {   “Version”:”2.0″,   “Channel”: {         “Items”: [{               “Link”:””,               “Title”:”Page Title”          }]       }} The beauty of…


Compressing ViewState of your Application

.Net framework has an entire namespace for compression – System.IO.Compression. GZipStream is the class used for Compression and Decompression. .Net Framework 2.0, exposes a new class called PageStatePersister. This class is used to override and customize how you can Load and Persist the ViewState. This is a huge bonus for people who want to persist the…


Sharing Master Pages amongst Applications by Embedding it in a Dll

If you need to share Master Pages across applications and you don’t want to create a ton of virtual directories, below is a way to do that. You can embed the Master Page as a Resource in your Dll and use VirtualPathProvider mechanism to call the Resource. VirtualPathProvider is a new functionality provided in .Net Framework…