Estimate the Bandwidth used by EPM 2007 (part 1)

I recently did a study to evaluate the bandwidth requirements for an outsourced EPM 2007 deployment.

The Tool Fiddler was used to measure the http traffic (

The bandwidth is hard to estimate with EPM because the amount of data transferred depends of the customization done with the default product:

  • Data displayed is dynamic and depends on the profile of the user
  • The security of the user changes the amount of data shown, a typical user only sees the data he has permission to see
  • The amount of data displayed in views depends of the selected fields

The measures were done with an administrator account, so that it gives a maximum value.

Typical usage and measure:

Project Web Access operations:

  • With an empty IE cache
  • Then using the cache

Project Professional:

  • Initial opening with an empty cache
  • Full Save
  • Incremental Save (10 % of full size)

Reporting (using Reporting Services)

  • Reports displayed in HTML

The users are distributed around the world

Geography and Peak usage

Time Zone


Pro Reporting
EMEA (40%) GMT+1 2000 300 200
US (40%) GMT-6 2000 300 200
Asia/Pacific (20%) GMT+7 1000 150 100
Total Enterprise   5000 750 500

This is just an example of measure, and it cannot be generalized. It depends on the size of projects and the reports.


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