Configuring Data Analysis Views in an extranet configuration (updated)

You want to configure Data analysis Views in an extranet configuration. Here are the steps I did:

  • Configure HTTP access to SSAS following the description given here: 

  • This installation needs to done on the web server, configure http and/or https. Assume the server name is and the virtual directory name is olap

  • The virtual directory is configured using Integrated Windows Configuration

  • In your Data Analysis views: Select Custom Server and enter the following extranet http address:

  • This will complete the data source information in the command and options dialog box of the OWC.

  • Or you can put the http address directly in the data source tab in the command and options dialog box replacing the analysis server name.
    This new connection string should look like
    Provider=MSOLAP;Data Source=;Initial Catalog=MY_OLAPDB;Client Cache Size=25;Auto Synch Period=10000
    instead of
    Provider=MSOLAP;Data Source=ANALYSISSERVERNAME;Initial Catalog=MY_OLAPDB;Client Cache Size=25;Auto Synch Period=10000

See the attachment for a screen shot of the configuration

If you have extranet users, it is also important to note that Office Web Components require port 2725 or 2383 to allow a direct connection to SQL Server Analysis Services. Even though access is enabled over port 80 via HTTPS, if port 2725 or 2383 is not available, the dynamic OLAP reports will not be able to access the Analysis Services data.

  • You need to open port 2383 (assuming the default instance of Sql Server Analysis services 2005 is used)

  • You need to open port 2725 if Analysis Services 2000 is used.
  • EditDataView-HTTP-OLAP.jpg

    Comments (5)

    1. scossio says:

      Steven, thanks for the article, it’s helping a lot. What I don’t seem to understand is what needs to be done in the last bullet, where do you make that configuration change? is it in the msmdsrv.ini file on the server, or is it somewhere in the UI for cofiguring the data view or the cube itself? I would really appreciate any hints you can provide on that

    2. stevenh-msft says:


      You need to make the change in the UI data view, in the Office web component.

      There is a data source tab, in the command and options dialog box.

      You access the dialog box by clicking on the button on the OWC toolbar. This is the button between  export to Excel button and the list of fields.

      The dialog box can also be accessed by right-clicking the view from the menu.


    3. scossio says:

      I am trying to configure it to run in Project 2007 using a Data View, and for some reason, the Commands and Options box doesn’t have a Data Source tab. I presume it’s because ytou configure that by adding the Extranet URL when building the OLAP cue, but it’s not working for me. Thanks anyway for your very prompt response.


    4. stevenh-msft says:

      Hi Sergio,

      You only see the Command tab, when you are editing the data view in PWAManage views. To avoid adding manually the URL. Put the URL in the custom server/Extranet Address (do not fill server name)


    5. jalalblali says:

      Hi Steven

      Thanks for this post; you save me

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