Windows Fabric 1.0 installation failure on Italian (ITA) OS

If you’re trying to install Service Bus 1.0 for Windows Server, Workflow Manager for Windows Server, you might run into an installation issue if you happen to be running on an Italian OS. The installation would fail because Windows Fabric, which Service Bus depends on, fails to install. If you inspect the installation log file…


DO NOT set DataMember.Order property to Int32.MaxValue when using DataContractSerializer

The issue Today I‘m investigating a WCF compatibility issue reported by a customer. The scenario is: The customer has a WCF service running on a machine with .NET 4.0, and a WCF client running on another machine with .NET 4.0 and everything works fine. Then the customer upgrades the client machine to .NET 4.5 and…


Running Service Bus Server on a legacy domain without a fully qualified domain name

If you’re trying to host a Service Bus Server in your own domain, you might run into an issue that’s reported in this forum thread. This post will talk about that issue and more importantly, how to workaround it. The Issue First let’s briefly review the issue. The installation of Service Bus was successful. This…


Customizing .NET XML serialization process

.NET XML serialization is very convenient and useful, it will generate a dynamic assembly to perform the serialization and deserialization, you can even create an XML serialization assembly by using SGen.exe in advance to improve the startup performance.   However, in some rare cases you might want to fine tune the generated XML serialization assembly….