April 2018 Rollup for Windows 10 und Server 2016 läßt App-V Scripts nicht mehr starten – Update II

Hallo zusammen,

aus gegebenen Anlass möchte ich bitten aktuell den April Rollup noch nicht zu installieren wenn App-V mit Skripten verwendet wird.

KB4093112 und Co.

Fehler / error : 


Hi there

We notice that with the Installation of the April 2018 Rollup for Windows 10 - you can no longer use App-V Scripting. We are investigating this. Until we have a solution, please do not install the April Rollup in order to continue using Scripting.




UPDATE April the 19th

Engineering Team worked hard to get a Testing Build ready. And this will now tested. If you are interested to test this as well - you Can open a case with Microsoft Support here after a short Validation you Can test it on your Own - please note that this is for Testing only - no productional use.


Update April the 24th

Engineering Team has a Fix ready and we target the May Rollup (Second Week) to get this released.



/Sebastian Gernert - Escalation Engineer App-V

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  1. Is there already some news about a fix or planning?

    1. S Gern says:

      Nothing that I Can share yet. We are investigating. And talking about Fixes – it will one of the next Rollups…

  2. pollewops says:

    Hi Sebastian, we do have lots of AppV packages containing UserScripts. Do you suggest not to implement rollup April on Windows 10 and wait for May rollup ?

    1. S Gern says:

      See my update from today – and we can’t say anything regarding release times now.

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