App-V 5.1 HF2 und App-V 5.0 SP3 HF3 ist nun als Hotfix zu haben

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hier nun der neueste Hotfix für App-V 5.1 und auch 5.0 SP3

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Sebastian Gernert - Escalation Engineer App-V



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  1. Peter says:

    Hi, we are using App-V 5.1 on Windows 10. We are trying to use an application wish uses shell32.dll from Windows 7 in C:WINDOWSSYSWOW64. When we try to execute the application, it returns the ordinal value 1 could not be found. It seems the usual DLL Hell problem, i guess since Windows 10 loads the dll at startup the App-V 5.1 has problems in isolating calls to this dll always uses Shell32.dll from c:windowssyswow64 in Windows 10 instead of pointing to the [SystemX86]shell32.dll. ThinApp Vmware on the other side haves this capability of completly isolating the dll by loading it at startup inside the virtual environment.

  2. S Gern says:

    Hi Peter,

    A few things came in mind here:

    1. If your Application will not native run on Win 10 – App-V can not help as it's not a Compatibility Tool.

    2. Technical speaking – if you copy  (overwrite) that DLL while Sequencing or add it into the System32 Part of teh App-V Package that DLL must be used.

    3. If teh Application is Bitness aware – you must create two Packages one on 32 Bit one on 64 Bit.

    Just from the Info above, it should be possible to bring that Application in App-V to live.

    Kind regards


  3. Peter says:

    Hi Sebastian

    Is it possible to instruct the appvclient to inject a custom dll into our virtual process? I know that the appvclient injects the AppVEntSubsystems32.dll or AppVEntSubsystems64.dll into the virtualprocess depending on the bitness, but if for some reason it doenst inject the dll, what could be the problem? As i asked before, if i put a shell32.dll into the virtual environment, i can see in procmon that the appvclient first always injects the shell32 from the outside system, and only after it loads the image dll from the outside system, it loads from the bubble causing conflicts and ordinal errors. Any way to force custom dll injection?

  4. Frank says:

    What exactly does the following mean?

    Enable users to create multiple instances of Office 2016 Click-to-Run apps.

  5. S Gern says:

    Hi Frank,

    If you use Office 365 (O2016) as C2R Version and have App-V installed you getting an error if you try create multiple instances of Excel as example. it works for one, two but at some point creating new instances show an error.

    Kind regards


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