NFS and SUA in Windows 7

NFS and SUA in Windows 7

Finally, the Windows 7 beta is released to the public and we can now experience it ourselves. The PSS people in Microsoft are always excited to try their hands on the latest betas and Windows 7 is not an exception.

The first thing that we did, after exploring the new GUI experience, was to add Client for NFS and Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) components. The addition is completely alike Windows Vista so no surprises here but it was much faster than Vista. The management is also the same with almost no visible difference.

But, things are really better underneath – there have been a lot of bug-fixes in both – Client for NFS and SUA – both.

On the NFS front, the User Name Mapping support (not the UNM component itself – like Vista) is there. Perhaps, the biggest change to notice is newly added support for KRB5/KRB5i security mode to come up to the mark with latest technologies available. More information is not available on this as of now and I will post new information as soon as it is available.

On SUA front, there are talks of a lot of improvement in terms of bug fixes. The SDK for Win7 is not released as of now and we expect it to be available only during Win7 RC phase.

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  1. JK says:

    Will the Windows 7 NFS client support NFS version 4?  If so, please provide some information on that.

    Thanks – great blog!


  2. ashisa says:

    Unfortunately, NFS v4 is has not made it yet. I believe the target should be the next version of Windows.

    – Ashish

  3. Fred says:

    Can someone help me out?  I have a CentOS box at home that hosts all my music and photos – and my wife’s mac laptop and my kids ubuntu box and my WinXP gaming rig can all access it via NFS. (it does a number of other home server things as well) – Back on XP I just installed the SFU and I could mount the NFS share easily.  Now on Win7 Ultimate (build 7100) I’ve done the Control Panel – Programs – Client for NFS / Unix Sub-system thing but I still can’t mount a NFS share on Win7.  I know it’s not the share because it still mounts great on the Mac and the other Linux boxes, and even on my work XP laptop….   Any help or pointers is appreciated!!  Thx muchly

  4. QuinnR says:

    Which versions of Win7 will SFU run on?

  5. ashisa says:

    Did you check the UseReservedPorts setting to see if that may be causing this problem?

    – Ashish

  6. ashisa says:

    Win 7 Ultimate and Enterprise will get NFS but Professional will not. Seems like sufficient information was not present to make it happen.

    – Ashish

  7. SledGas says:

    I am running Win7 Enterprise RTM and somehow have managed to create a couple of phantom mounts. That is, at some point while i was configuing/playing with nfs I tried to mount server:/albums/music but the server is not exporting that share. now, every time i turn on the nfs client on my win7 system it persistently tries to mount that share, forever and ever.

    I’ve tried ‘umount -a -f’, searched through the registry for where the share info is kept, but no joy.

    How do I remove these phantom entries, and/or where is the mount information kept?


  8. ashisa says:

    You will find refenrence here –


  9. SledGas says:

    Ashish, thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately, there are no persistent mounts located there, either for me or for any other user on the system (I checked them all). When i did ‘net start nfsclnt’ the mount requests to the linux system started within a couple of minutes. The only way I’ve found to disable them is to stop the nfsclnt service. I’ve also search the whole registry for the name (/music/albums), but have not found it anywhere.

    I appreciate your help with this….ideas, hints, or suggestions all welcome!

  10. ashisa says:

    In that case, I guess, Process Monitor can help. Take a log and see if there are any references that you can pick up.

    If that doesn’t help, use the Email above and send me an email.

    – Ashish

  11. SledGas says:

    Thanks for the reminder about using Process Monitor (should have thought of that before…sigh!). Looks like the WMPNetworkSvc service is the culprit. I stopped the service and the attempted mount requests all stopped. Pshew! Since I don’t need this service, it’s off for now, and at some point, if I ever give up on my linux-based media streamer, I’ll sort out why WMPNetworkSvc insists on trying via NFS and figure out how to stop it.

  12. Matt Seitz says:

    I seem to remember there is a setting somewhere that determines whether NFS or CIFS is used first when trying to access a UNC path ("\servershare").  Something like "Network Provider Order"?

  13. ashisa says:

    Here’s how you can change it –

    1. In the Run… dialog, type "ncpa.cpl" and press Enter

    2. Highlight "Local Area Connection"

    3. Press the ALT key and click on the menu bar item "Advanced," "Advanced Settings"

    4. Click on the "Provider Order" Tab

    – Ashish

  14. Jeff Levy says:

    It’s terrible that I’m forced to run Windows Server in order to gain, afaik, the simple mapping of names / groups that SFU provided. If this is not true, please explain, otherwise, this is just a nice ploy by MS to finall be done with one more piece of Un*x -> MS interoperability.

  15. ashisa says:

    I suppose it’s abouy missing UNM piece in Vista/Win 7. You can now use ADAM for this purpose, if that’s absolutely necessary.

    Take a look at these posts –

  16. Alex says:

    Is there any way to download/install Services for NFS Client for Windows 7 Pro?

  17. ashisa says:

    Unfortunately, No. You need to run Ultimate or Enterprise SKU for a client. You can otherwise look for a 3rd party NFS client.

  18. Brad Holman says:

    I'm trying to get a fileshare to work between my new Windows 7 ultimate pc and an AIX box using pcnfs authentication.  Under XP I had these fileshares working fine, as when I created the fileshare, XP would pop up a dialog box that allowed me to select PCNFS and specify the IP address of the PCNFS server, as well as a username and password that exists in the AIX environment.  When I try the same thing under 7, I don't get that chance to specify a PCNFS server, or a PCNFS-based username and password.  I've installed services for NFS under 7…  Any help appreciated, thanks!

  19. ashisa says:

    @Brad – Windows 7 doesn't support PCNFS. It's time you should move to User name mapping. That would make is simpler to manage and you already have the file that you can use to configure UNM.

  20. win7-nfs-tester says:

    I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate and it's native client.

    2 problems I've noticed so far:

    1) utf8 is not supported by the client, but I solved this by convmvfs at the server (not really illegant solution, kinda workaround)

    2) reconnect NFS-shares after reboot – this one is not working for me. windows gives me an error that this path is not valid or can't reconnect it.

    any chance for looking at 2nd issue, maybe kinda script with mount commands to remount them? I'm not really that good in the scripting, that's why asking here..

  21. ashisa says:

    @win7-nfs-tester – can you try this and let me know if that serves the purpose? – mklink /D C:NFSShare \NfsServerNfsShare

    Not exactly what you asked but I think it could prove useful.