ISSUE – Deleted SharePoint document library re-appears in Outlook 2007


Issue: After syncing a document library to Outlook, our user tried to deleted it. A short time later, it reappeared! In the example below,the folder of note is the “My Site – Private Documents” folder at the bottom of the Outlook folder list:



Technical Details: Upon reviewing the addition of the document library as an Outlook folder with various troubleshooting tools including filemon, regmon and netmon, we were able to discern very little in the way of odd looking data. After talking with the user, we found that he was a user of Outlook on several machines, and that he he used OWA and a Windows Mobile device to sync up as well.


Upon further investigation, we did find that there is a setting in Outlook’s UI which allows a list to be displayed on other machines. This setting is found in Outlook under Tools > Account Settings > SharePoint Lists:



When you access the tab (above) and double click the list, you will see the check box that says “Don’t display this list on other computers I use”. By default, this setting is disabled (unchecked) in Outlook. Therefore, if you access Outlook with multiple machines and choose to sync your SharePoints lists with Outlook 2007, you are almost guaranteed to hit this issue!!!


Resolution: We have provided workaround steps that our customer has accepted:


Launch Outlook                                                                                                     

Tools > Account Settings > SharePoint Lists tab

Double click the SharePoint list that you want to delete from Outlook

Check the box that says "Don't  display this list on other computers I use"  and select OK

This takes you back to the SharePoint Lists tab - click the list you wish to remove to highlight the list

Click the Remove Button above the list

Click Close

Close Outlook

Repeat the above steps on each machine where you use Outlook.


We requested a change to the Outlook Product team from the SharePoint support team within Microsoft so that the default behavior for "Don't display this list on other computers I use" is checked instead of unchecked. Unfortunately, we were told that making this change would break other Outlook mobility functionality so that our request had to be denied. Perhaps we have a customer out there who would be able to make a better business case for such a change...


Hope this helps!

Comments (3)

  1. David Kjelsson says:

    You will be laughing but I did everything like noted here and I still cannot get rid of Sharepoint integration within my Outlook. Each new fresh OS session I have the SharePoint lists back to the Mail Folders list in my Outlook. Any clue?

  2. sfellman says:

    There is another way I have been successful at resolving this issue. Just haven’t blogged it yet :).

    I would first check to see if you have multiple machines running with the lists. To do this, in Outlook, go to Tools > Account Settings > SharePoint Lists tab. Here you will see all of your lists that are syncing between Outlook and SharePoint.

    Next, highlight a list via single click on the list, and select "change" > this will bring up the "SharePoint List Options" window in Outlook. You will see a checkbox about 2/3 of the way down this dialog that says "Don’t display this list on other computers I use". Check this box for each list.

    Rinse and repeat the above for each machine on which you are using Outlook. Once this is done, you have effectively made the lists on each machine independent copies of the for that instance of Outlook.

    Now go back to each machine, do the Account Settings > SharePoint Lists tab bit just as before. Here is the difference: instead of "changing" each list on each computer, Delete them!

    If this doesn’t work, then I would ask your admin if GPOs or other administrative functions are affecting you – then repost.

  3. Already tried the above things but still it re-appears in next login session, issue not resolved with this.

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