MiniMSFT Vs MSDN blogs

The number of blogs in MSDN (at the time of writing this entry) is 3146. It's pretty safe to assume that more than 99% of the entries paint a positive picture about Microsoft, its practices and its culture.

Its interesting to see that even all of these put together do not enjoy the same amount of 'credibility' and 'prominence' that MiniMSFT commands. Any idea why?

(Just to give some perspective - i am strongly anti-mini đź™‚ ).

Comments (4)

  1. M Freitas says:

    Don’t take me wrong, but people probably believe his musings and rants are exactly what Microsoft needs, instead of only technical blogs such as the MSDN ones.

    When you say you are anti-mini it tells people that change may not be welcome in this circle. But change is the only cetain thing.

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