FAST ESP : Deleting all documents in a collection

A typical FAST ESP solution has multiple collections. For example, there might be a collection for the data crawled and indexed Sharepoint, another collection for data crawled from a database using JDBC Connector and so on.  Suppose that you are developing and implementing such a solution. You’d have setup a bunch of collections and setup…


Codeplex.comdlr is now setup to receive regular source updates

In my previous blog post I had mentioned that we were in the process of setting up regular automatic source pushes to the codeplex DLR project. I am happy to announce that work is now complete and our DLR sources are now available here. Going forward, the sources from our internal main source control branch…


DLR v0.9 beta released in CodePlex

We are happy to announce the release of the DLR Project in Codeplex. This beta of the v0.9 of the DLR consists of a source and binary release. This excellent release note by our PM Bill Chiles gives a nice short overview of what’s in this release. We plan to release the RTW version of…


Using LINQ and the DLR in the same application

The recent beta release of the DLR allows the usage of LINQ and other CSharp 3.0 features in an application that hosts the DLR. Harry, our IronPython PM has a detailed post explaining why this was not possible before and whats changed now.


DLR Hosting API : How to create a ScriptRuntime object without using App.Config files using language specific hosting API

This previous post demonstrates the use of App.Config files to create script runtimes to host dynamic languages in an application. It is also possible to create runtimes without using a config file. The API to create a runtime and a python engine without using a config file is ScriptRuntime runtime = IronPython.Hosting.Python.CreateRuntime(); A reference to the…


DLR Hosting Sample : Simple dlr host using the new App.Config based ScriptRuntime creation

Due to the recent changes to the DLR Hosting API, dlr hosts now have to use the App.Config file to configure the languages they intend to use in the application. It’s probably a little bit more complex than before to get started on Hosting the DLR after this change. The attached self contained sample(for VS 2008) addresses this and…


DLR Hosting API : How to create ScriptScopes using backing symbol dictionaries to implement dynamic variable lookup

The factory methods used to create a ScriptScope object have overloads that take a ‘IAttributeCollection’ object to create the scope using the collection as a backing store. This feature is very useful and any app that needs non trivial Hosting would mostly use this feature. The easiest way to implement the IAttributeCollection interface is to implement…


Quick notes on ScriptScope

ScriptScope is one of the key types available in the DLR Hosting API. They act as a context in which hosts execute code and record the effects of execution like changes in object values, creation of new objects etc. Prior to any code execution, ScriptScopes can be populated with variables by hosts using methods defined in this type and these…


IronPython 2.0 beta 4 released

IronPython 2.0 Beta 4 has been released here. Since the DLR and Hosting API components ship with IronPython, this beta also contains newer versions of Hosting API. So you can use this version to try out any of the Hosting API samples from this blog’s earlier entries.