Supportability of .NET Framework 1.1 on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Based on customer feedback the team has published a clarification regarding the Microsoft.NET Framework on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 is not supported on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, so customers are encouraged to test their applications against the latest version of the .NET Framework and…


What would you like to see on the DevDiv SE Team blog ?

Hi, It’s been a while since the DevDiv Sustained Engineering (Servicing) team has posted to this space and we’re mulling over resuming this provided we find appropriate topics and content to bring to you. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you what our team does and have you, our readers…


.NET Framework 1.1 Servicing Releases on Windows Update for 64-bit Systems

Among the most confusing stories that we have asked .NET Framework customers to understand has been .NET Framework 1.1 support on Windows Server 2003 and 64-bit versions of Windows. We’ve blogged about this before. Today we get to tell you that we’ve done right by putting .NET Framework 1.1 servicing releases on Windows Update for 64-bit platforms. Microsoft…


Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1 Beta Announcement

Microsoft is committed to making customers successful with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.  As part of this continuing effort, we are now announcing our target date to release the Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Beta this month, (March, 2006) and we also have an estimated RTM release targeted for June 2006….


TFS Administration Tool Updated to Support RC of TFS

Updated binaries have been posted on GotDotNet for the TFS Administration Tool, making the tool compatible with the most recent version of Team Foundation Server (the Release Candidate).  The new release also fixes a bug where the tool would crash if a user had more than one role in TFS.  The new binaries can be…


TFS Administration Tool Beta 1 Released!

Fast on the heels of the MSBee CTP, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the TFS Administration Tool Beta 1. For anybody who has used any of the betas or CTPs of Team Foundation Server, you are probably aware of the pain around user administration.  Simply put, a TFS administrator must add users (and…


MSBee Beta 1 - Released

The DDCPX Aftermarket Solutions team just released the first MSBee Beta! You can download the Beta by going to the new MSBee homepage: and clicking on the MSBee Beta 1 Release link. About a month ago, Craig posted a blog entry describing the goals for the first MSBee Beta. We’re thrilled that we achieved all…


DevDiv Servicing Discussion Area

Please use the comments area below as an area to discuss and ask questions about Visual Studio and .NET Framework Servicing.  You can find background information at Questions about topics other than Visual Studio and .NET Framework Servicing will get the best responses at


Developer Aftermarket Community Solutions Forum

Have questions about any of the tools that we’ve announced on this blog, such as the MSBee tool that allows developers to use MSBUILD to target the .NET 1.1 Framework?  Interested in talking directly with the Developer Aftermarket Community Solutions team here at Microsoft?  Check out our brand-new forum, hosted on the MSDN Forums site:…


Solutions Team Developer Blog

Kannan Sundararajan, a developer on the Developer Aftermarket Community Solutions team, has joined the MSDN blogging community.  Check out what he has to say at: Kannan is currently the lead developer on the Team Foundation Server Permissions Tool, as well as making sure that everyone on the DACS team is up and running on…