Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Beta Update

Hello folks, I am a Program Manager with Developer Division and I am driving Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Community Readiness.   At this time, I would like to extend a warm thank-you to everyone who participated in the SP1 Beta Program.  More than 10,000 users have registered for this program on Microsoft…


VS2003 SP1 is live on the web and off to manufacturing

This one certainly covered a bunch of ground, people and calendar time. Special thanks to Natalia and Michael from DDCPX QA for outstanding performance and diligence in their respective areas. PMs, QA and Devs on all product team were instrumental in helping us ship a release that is demonstrably more stable to our customers.   …


Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1 Release Date

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1 is just about ready. Very near the end of our sign off testing a bug was found in the VC Runtime that we felt important to get into the Service Pack for customers. This change resulted in a new round of testing and has moved the release date…


Tip for doing code reviews with TFS Shelvesets

A common complaint when doing code reviews with TFS is that people think they have to Unshelve the shelveset to review the code. They really want to see what changed in a file that is being checked in and they can’t find a way to do it. They typically wind up unshelving the shelveset and…


Best Practice Analyzer for ASP.Net Alpha Released!

From Joe Morel’s Blog:   One of the most difficult parts of ASP.Net 2.0 application creation is configuring your site correctly.  It’s easy enough to actually set the settings, but how do you know the settings are correct?  What are the best practices for ASP.Net site configuration, and how do you check that your site…


Building a Best Practices Analysis Tool for Asp.Net deployment

Hello all, I am gathering Rules/Best Practices recommended when developing ASP.NET applications and services. The intention is that we will ship a tool (Power Toy) that performs the analysis on your web sites that you could also extend to include new rules. Whether gained through personal experience or learned formally, I would love to hear…


.NET Framework 1.1 Servicing Releases on Windows Update for 64-bit Systems

Among the most confusing stories that we have asked .NET Framework customers to understand has been .NET Framework 1.1 support on Windows Server 2003 and 64-bit versions of Windows. We’ve blogged about this before. Today we get to tell you that we’ve done right by putting .NET Framework 1.1 servicing releases on Windows Update for 64-bit platforms. Microsoft…


Ever wonder what we look like?

A key goal of the community work at Microsoft is putting a face on this software empire. One way to accomplish this is to let you literally see us. At the end of our first SCRUM sprint, about six weeks ago, we taped a Channel 9 video where we demo’ed MSBee, Managed Stack Explorer, and…


Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1 Beta Announcement

Microsoft is committed to making customers successful with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.  As part of this continuing effort, we are now announcing our target date to release the Visual Studio .NET 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Beta this month, (March, 2006) and we also have an estimated RTM release targeted for June 2006….


TFS Administration Tool Updated to Support RC of TFS

Updated binaries have been posted on GotDotNet for the TFS Administration Tool, making the tool compatible with the most recent version of Team Foundation Server (the Release Candidate).  The new release also fixes a bug where the tool would crash if a user had more than one role in TFS.  The new binaries can be…