ACS Migration Guide

Previously Service Bus namespaces could contain Queues/Topics, Event Hubs, Relays, or Notification Hubs. You may still be affected by the ACS deprecation if you are using an older namespace. For the scope of the below article, “Service Bus namespaces” includes older, mixed-entity namespaces.   Access Control Service (ACS) is being retired soon (see blog post)….

Premium Messaging: High Performance Without Partitions

When Premium Messaging became generally available almost two years ago, by default when creating entities for your namespaces you got two partitions. This was a relatively new concept for some Service Bus customers that were used to one partition. Our reasoning at the time was to improve availability for a nascent service. Well the team…


AMQP transaction support and Send Via are now generally available

For the longtime Service Bus users among our community have enjoyed message transactions with the old client. As of today, transactions are fully supported in our new open source libraries (Java and .Net Standard) or any AMQP library that implements the AMQP 1.0 Standard. If you know the SBMP transaction feature you don’t need to…


Azure Service Bus Deprecating Entity Metrics REST API

We are in the process of deprecating the entity metrics pipeline on May 31, 2018, this was the same API used for the Classic Azure portal and Service Bus Explorer. Also both Event Hubs and Relay services relied on this too. For example the URL looked something like this: The good news is we…