Service Bus client 3.3.2 is now live

Check out our newest release for the Service Bus client library!

The NuGet package can be found at

Below are the release notes:

  • EventHub/Messaging: fixed a bug where a race condition in Amqp management code (AmqpServiceClient) can cause thread to spin. This mainly affect EventProcessorHost scenario.
  • EventHub: fixed a bug in send code path where if user modified a batch event data list during send operation the send path can throw exception due to collection being modified.


We have also increased the version on our other EventProcessorHost NuGet package to be compatible with 3.3.2. The EPH is available here.

Happy messaging!

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  1. Dimka M says:

    Is there a consolidated changelog for ServiceBus client libraries like the storage team has?

    1. Hi Dimka – I’ve created a Gist that will include all the past history back to 3.0.1. Here is the link:

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