Things to know about premium messaging

Happy summer!

We just wanted to check in and let you know a couple of things about the upcoming general availability of our premium messaging offering. As we have more and more customers join our preview program, we wanted to make sure that you are aware of a few benefits, as well as a couple "nice-to-know" requirements.

  1. 1 MB message size - We heard your feedback and premium messaging now supports message sizes up to 1 MB instead of 256KB.
    • This also allows for sessions up to 1 MB
    • Keep in mind that the maximum header size is still 64 KB
    • For more information about quotas, check out this link
  2. Partitioning –Premium messaging uses 2 partitions.
    • Partitioning was originally introduced for load distribution and availability by favoring healthy nodes. However, management operations can become more complex as the number of partitions increases. Since premium messaging offers dedicated capacity, partitioning is not useful for storage size either. Hence, we only use 2 partitions with premium messaging in order to increase availability.
    • 80GB is still supported by allowing up to 40GB per partition
  3. Default API version - For premium namespaces, the new default REST API version is "2013-10"
    • If you do not provide an API version, or a lower version than “2013-10”, we will override the value to "2013-10"
  4. Client - Please use most up to date version of the .NET client available here.

Stay tuned for more blogs about the upcoming availability of premium messaging!

Questions? Let us know in the comments.

Happy messaging!

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  1. WillSmith says:

    We are using the new on-premise Service Fabric and it is working well. We are also using ServiceBus 1.1 on premise. Unfortunately ServiceBus for Windows Server seems to have completely stagnated. We don’t want to have to install and deploy the entire Azure Stack (preview), to get the nice features of the Service Bus. Is there an new news about Service Bus getting a new version?

    1. Hi WillSmith – We currently do not have an agreed upon road map in place for the on-premises version of Service Bus. We are however evaluating our options, and are considering the trade offs between updating the current version, releasing as a part of Azure Stack, or creating something new. We will make sure to update the community once a decision has been reached, but at this point, I do not see a decision being made within the next 6 months. Our team’s priority at this point has been our Azure offering. Thank you for the feedback, it will certainly assist in our teams decision.

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