AdaBoost in simpler formulas

I’m reading a book about the “boosting”: the machine learning idea that a better algorithm can be built by combining multiple instances of a simple algorithm, each instance trained on the same set of training data but with different weights assigned to each case. The very basic concept itself goes along the same way as…


Certificates, Part 5: dealing with the CNG certificates

As described in the Part 1, the certificates may belong to the classic “Crypto providers” and the new-style “Key Store Providers” (also known as CNG, Cert Next Generation). These CNG certificates don’t work well with the traditional .NET classes, for example if you try to get the field PrivateKey, it will be returned as empty….


PowerShell remoting & DNS

I’ve noticed a strange thing: the PowerShell remoting works much faster if you use the remote computer’s IP address for connection rather than a DNS name. Well, not everything is faster but the re-connections. PowerShell uses the HTTP (or HTTPS) protocol to send the data. This connection is cached between the successive commands but if…