In my background I'm a Unix (and sometimes Linux) guy. So now when I work on Windows, I discover the whole new different world, which if full of things that are sometimes different, sometimes the same, and sometimes similar but with different names. As I get to understand them, I want to write down this understanding, to make this kind of knowledge bridging easier for the other people. I hope that is would be useful for the other people with the Unix background, and also sometimes would bring a bit more understanding to the people without the Unix background.

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  1. Bill Sawyer says:

    Microsoft's integration with different *nix variants has come a long way.  Services for Unix in Server 2012R2 is significantly more reliable than the releases for 2003R2 and 2008R2.  While PowerShell isn't perfectly analogous to shell scripting, it is much closer and more comfortable for Unix admins than vbscript.   If you haven't checked out the integration points available through the System Center stack, those are also fairly useful for standard Linux distributions.

    I've used FreeBSD for a long time, so I was pleased to see that Microsoft and NetApp invested in developing Hyper-V integration for FreeBSD.  The relevant Technet article was updated last week to reflect some of those changes (…/dn531030.aspx).

    I'd really love to see the development of Hyper-V integration tools for OpenBSD.

  2. Looks like the FreeBSD integration is released in source code, so porting it to OpenBSD should not be that difficult?

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