How to implement WPF TreeView with icons

[Sergei Meleshchuk.] 

The trick is to use StackPanel (example below). The StackPanel contains image and text. 

One of many ways to implement this is:

- Create folder with icons and deploy the folder to the same directory where the .exe file lives.
  Note: If using IDE, copy this folder from project directory to target with the post-build step:
  xcopy /sy "$(ProjectDir)icons\*" "$(TargetDir)icons\*"

- When initializing your app, compute location of the 'icons' folder:
    Settings.IconsFolder = GetIconFolder();  // IconsFolder is string

    where  the 'GetIconsFolder' is like below:

private string GetIconFolder()


     string execName =



     string currentFolder = System.IO.


     string icons = System.IO.Path.Combine(

           currentFolder, "icons");

     return icons;


 - Add TreeViewItem with the code like below:

TreeViewItem tvi = CreateTreeViewItem(





where the 'CreateTreeViewItem' is your little wrapper:

private TreeViewItem CreateTreeViewItem(

string header,

string iconFolder,

string iconName)


    TreeViewItem child = new TreeViewItem();

    StackPanel pan = new StackPanel();

    if (iconName != null)


        pan.Orientation = Orientation.Horizontal;

        IconBitmapDecoder icon = new IconBitmapDecoder(

            new Uri(System.IO.Path.Combine(






        Image image = new Image();

        image.Height = 16;

        image.Source = icon.Frames[0];



    pan.Children.Add(new TextBlock(new Run("  " + header)));

    child.Header = pan;

    return child;


That's it.


Comments (4)

  1. Anita Gupta says:

    Thank you for making this so simple and saving me days of work.

  2. EVIL says:

    THIS is simple?? Thank God we have WPF! :))

  3. Philippe says:


    How can I exploit your function ? For get the SelectItem, when I clicking on the Treeview ?

    Best regards,

    Philippe G.

  4. xeilok dagger says:

    thank you so much! easily the best and simplest implementation i have seen thus far! XAML is still confusing to me lol!

    Thanks a ton again!

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