O365 SharePoint Online–Display template HTML files missing

You may be wondering where the HTML files are for display templates in O365 SharePoint Online, as you may come across all articles talking about HTML files but you see only JS files.  The “Publishing” feature should be activate at site-collection level, which provisions these HTML files and make it available for your customizations.


SharePoint Online–Remote Event Receiver (RER)–ItemUpdated/ItemAdded thread race

  SharePoint Online Event handlers are deployed as Remote Event Receiver (RER), which uses the client-side object model (CSOM).  Hence, the typical even race that happens when you have a code logic to update some property in ItemAdded/ItemUpdated will recursively trigger the ItemUpdated event.  Since, it’s CSOM, the server side event disabling is not available. …


Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migration

Most of the organizations on Lotus Notes looking to migrate to SharePoint due to the operation cost and maintenance of their existing Lotus Notes Applications.  The migration process needs to go through a methodical analysis of existing applications’ business value, based on which it needs to be migrated/rebuilt to SharePoint.  But just to get a…


Windows Phone 8 Facebook IM chat not connected

Recently, my Lumia 920 stopped connecting to Facebook IM chat.  I tried all the solutions being posted on the internet, including resetting the account, switching off/on the services etc.  Nothing worked, then I remembered adding an alias to my Microsoft account which is being used as a primary account on my phone, to which the…


PowerPivot for SharePoint–Generating thumbnails/preview issue

The “PowerPivot for SharePoint” generates thumbnails for the excel uploaded.  This preview is generated only while uploading the excel files thro’ IE8.  The preview thumbnails will be not generated if the excel is uploaded using IE9.  So, don’t panic if you don’t see the preview thumbnails not generated.


Expanding Active Directory (AD) Distribution Group (DG) members recursively…

In one of my projects there was a requirement to get the unique list of members from a given DG, which may have multiple levels of nested DGs.  So, I thought of using the “System.DirectoryServices” namespace with “DirectoryEntry” & “DirectorySearcher” classes.  But the challenge was to recursively expand the nested DGs and eliminate the duplicates…


SharePoint 2010–SPSite(requestUrl) throws FileNotFoundException

Recently, when I to write a SharePoint Server Object Model code snippet to fetch some list items, I came across this exception at “new SPSite(requestUrl)” method call.  I was just wondering what could be the possible reason and after few minutes of browsing I found out there are multiple reasons that could contribute to this…


SharePoint as Relational Database

Very frequent at times, there is a requirement to have a view or fetch data from multiple lists as join tables.  But, since SharePoint is not designed as a relational database, this is really tough achieving.  This can be done easily using the SLAM (SharePoint List Association Manager), which makes the SharePoint lists as relational…


SharePoint – dirty characters “_x0020_, _x002f_,..”

  Are you tired of handling dirty characters in SharePoint such as “_x0020_, _x002f,… “ etc ?  Suppose if you know what to be done, then please ignore this post.  I was breaking my heads to find a solution for this, even without knowing there is a API method to handle this…   Yes, this…


Silverlight 4 –Accordion Menu

I’ve recently used the Accordion menu in Silverlight for one of my UI.  I’m pretty much amazed with the efficiency of this control in saving lot of screen real estate and at the same time having lots of controls packed into it.  I’m posting this to share the same with others, on using this Accordion…