Welcome to the Sensor & Location Platform Team Blog

Welcome to the Sensor and Location Platform Team Blog. We’re the ones who brought this new platform to Windows 7. Our goal in this blog is to add another dimension to the wealth of information that is already out there regarding the platform. 

What is the Sensor and Location Platform?

The Sensor and Location platform in Windows 7 provides a standard way to integrate sensor and location devices into Windows by providing a standard programming interface for applications to take advantage of these devices. Examples of sensors include ambient light sensors (ALS), accelerometers and GPS devices.

The following are the main components that make up this platform.

·         The Sensor Class Extension or the Device Driver Interface (DDI)

·         The Sensor API

·         The Location API

·         The Location and Other Sensors Control Panel

Subsequent posts will go into greater details about each of these components.

Where can I find more information on it?

The one stop information center for the platform can be found on Windows Hardware Developer Central. Here you will find white papers, Power Point decks, announcements and links to even more resources. We have an active forum to answer specific questions at the Development with the Windows Sensor and Location Platform forum.

What will you see here?

While MSDN does a great job documenting the platform, the story doesn’t end with the documentation. That’s where the team blog enters the picture. We provide an added dialog on top of the documentation. You will see more sample code and snippets along with best practices. We also plan to discuss hardware and software that supports the platform. This technology is our passion and we’re excited to share this with the community. So please feel free to drop us a line or leave your comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

-- The Sensor & Location Platform Team

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights. 


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