Few links on Virtual Earth 3D Control

Hi there, I’m working on porting my Location Aware WPF Application to Virtual Earth 3D Managed WinForms control and found that there is not so much available information on its usage. Let me share with you several links you might find useful. Here is a quote from one of my colleagues from Redmond’s Virtual Earth…


Created a Group on Windows Live to store all materials on Context Awareness from Microsoft

http://cai.groups.live.com/ you will find here all materials from Microsoft on Context Awareness including slides from WinHEC, PDC, World Usability Day and Tech.Days. I will update this group when new slides will be available and post into this blog as well. We’ve set up also an initial discussion on what the Context Definition is – feel…


Videos of our talk on Context Awareness at WUD 2008 are published now!

Happy to share with you that videos of our speech (in Russian, sorry) on Context Awareness technologies that we made on World Usability Day in Russia on November 13 this year were published: You can find English version of our presentation in the previous post. Wanted to say thank you to RusCHI (Chapter of SIGCHI)…


World Usability Day Russia 2008

Hi there again, News from the field. Last Thursday we made a third announcement on Windows Sensor and Location Platform, our commitment to make context awareness an important aspect of software development in order to make software user friendly, prospects on market growth, and what the Context’s Role is in UX. Let me little bit…


Several Photos From Microsoft Headquarters – Washington State, USA

hi there, decided to make several photos during my annual visit to our headquarters, and here are few of them 🙂 2 View from Space Needle 3 Bridle Trails State Park 4 On The Way to Washington Lake 5 Washington Lake   1 Daniel and Microsoft – better together


WinHEC 2008

Steven Sinofsky just announced the Sensors Dev Kit for Windows 7 and the fact that Windows 7 is Context-Aware now, starting with Windows Sensor and Location Platform! Follow news and blog posts today to know more about the new Context-Aware APIs in Windows 7!


Sample Location-Aware WPF Application

Hi there, started playing with Windows Location Platform bits in Windows 7 M3 that was given on PDC 2008 to all attendees, and decided to quickly write a WPF app that shows the Virtual Earth map and my location on it. Quick Facts In M3 build, all Location API coclasses are marked with ThreadingModel =…


Windows Sensors & Location Platform Booth @ Microsoft PDC

Hi there, that’s Daniel Kornev blogging right from Microsoft PDC in L.A.! As I told previously, we just released a Windows Sensors & Location Platform with Windows 7 here @ PDC, and what’s amazing is that our very own PC|3 Team representatives – Dan Polivy (Senior Program Manager, PC|3 Components Team – SideShow, Sensors, Location…