PDC 2009: New topics on Context-aware Computing

Hi there,

I’ve been quite for some time on this blog. The usual day-by-day job (ru) is making most of my time, but the progress on context-awareness research is slowly growing 🙂

same as year ago.... http://blogs.msdn.com/semantics/archive/2008/09/25/windows-7-context-awareness-on-microsoft-pdc-2008.aspx

anyway today I wanted to say added to Windows 7 and to once-heard promise of WinFS, this time at PDC 2009 we are proud to announce another brick in the puzzle of Microsoft Context-aware Computing vision brought to live:

Microsoft Semantic Engine

Just look at this PDC 2009 Talk:

Microsoft Semantic Engine

See how the Microsoft Semantic Engine brings search, structured query, and analytics together in a simple, unified Search-Discover-Organize usage model. Learn how it addresses the need to have unified access to structured and unstructured enterprise data through easy to use analytical tools. Also learn how to enable business insight to support decision making at all levels within the enterprise. Get an overview of the Semantic Engine, its architecture, the product and its APIs.

Of course this time it should be the most intriguing session. This one will be lead by Naveen Garg, head of Program Management in Microsoft Semantic Engine team (part of SQL Server Org which once incubated WinFS). I can’t say more on this topic until PDC, but be sure, this will be a VERY interesting topic, really!

Expect more news – now from PDCjoin us there!

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