WomenBuild Workshop @ Microsoft PDC!

You know what? It was a fantastic event.

 almost 15 years ago I've started playing with Lego bricks. Created airplanes, spaceships, buildings, mechanics etc, and you know that lead me to where I am - technology, where you as a programmer can develop from "bricks" anything you want.

 Also I didn't think I was unique out there, I could not imagine that there so much people outside with similar background, and, for my pleasure, I was impressed that woman (!) come with same background right there, to PDC!

(thanks to Long Zheng, IStartedSomething.com, for this photo!)

 That was a good lesson to everyone - we have lots in common, we just look from different angles on same problem. cool is, we understand that we have same ground (that was shown as "lego bricks") and we have same problem (crisis outside, less computer schools in countries, less students come to IT etc), and combining forces would bring us to entirely new solutions you know.

 entirely new.

like antigravitation opposite to helicopters. Helicopters give us a power to fly. But we are still in the Earth. Antigravitation brings us outside of the planet.

same is, woman give us lots of such ideas, just using the language they love, and we men should listen, build bridges to communicate between  each other. The ideas should sound louder so more people would be aware of these new solutions.

 thanks for everyone for a such good session. definetely new ideas to think about. 

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