How to configure Reporting Services for Scale-out Deployment

1. Install both servers with SSRS2005 with FilesOnly. 2. On the first instance run SSRS Configuration tool and create a database. 3. Configure the service accounts and virtual directories 4. Launch the Configuration tool on the Second SSRS Server 5. Point the Database Server to the same server 6. On the Initialization page, verify that…

Reporting Services Server Components

1. The Report Server Web Service 2. The Report Server Windows Service (Scheduling and Delivery Processor) 3. The Report Server Catalog 4. The Report Processor 5. Data Processing Extensions 6. Rendering Extensions 7. Delivery Extensions

Report Request Handling

Application requests a report from the RS Web Service. RS Web Service in turn goes to the RS Windows Service ( Report processor). The Report Processor then retrieves the report definition from the database. The user credentials are validated. The data is requested from the data processing extensions. The data and report definition are combined…


What is MDAC?

What is MDAC? MDAC : Microsoft Data Access Component. Where it is Used?                          When ever you write a piece of code that access the Database, MDAC comes in to picture and Without MDAC it is NOT possible to access the database. For example when u write a ASP / VB / .NET code that…