Rendering a large report in SharePoint mode fails with maximum message size quota exceeded error message

Recently, i was working on a scenario where reporting services 2012 was configured in SharePoint 2013 integrated mode. We were exporting a report that was ~240MB in size. When we do that, the reports fails with the following exception: 07/19/2017 13:37:57.46  w3wp.exe (0x2C80)                        0x0834 SQL Server Reporting Services  Service Application Proxy      00000 Monitorable Notified the…


URL access with rc:Toolbar command fails with rsRenderingExtensionNotFound

Recently i was working on a scenario where Reporting Services 2016 is configured for SharePoint (Applicable to both 2013 and 2016) integrated mode. Now, when you use URL access with the rc:Toolbar command, the reports would fail with the following error: You have attempted to use a rendering extension that is either not registered for this report server or…


Configuring Reporting Services 2016 with ARR

Recently, i was working on a deployment where we need to configure SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 with ARR so that reporting services is exposed over the internet without exposing the machine itself. If you are looking for such implementations, then this guide is for you. Please do note that I’ve tested this against Reporting Services…


Configuring the Pickup directory for Reporting Services

Want to troubleshoot the email subscription issues with Reporting Services where reporting services doesn’t report any errors but the email was never received? This usually mean that the email could have been stuck within the exchange server. How to isolate reporting services is what we’re going to have a look. Open the rsreportserver.config file located…


Demystifying Last Run column in Report Manager Details View

We often see our reporting services users asking us the question why the “Last Run” column in Report Manager details view is blank. This post would help you to get the necessary clarification on the behavior. The Last Run column was supposed to only show the value when the report is based on execution snapshots….


Reporting services support for Microsoft EDGE browser

EDGE is the latest browser released by Microsoft along with Windows 10. There are so much of questions around the supportability of SSRS with Microsoft EDGE browser. Microsoft EDGE is not supported till SQL Reporting services 2014. The browser supportability till SSRS 2014 stands as it is documented in However the good news is…


Intermittent E_ACCESSDENIED when opening SSRS related contents

Have you ever wondered why does your Reporting Services behave in a weird way when you either try to access report manager page or open a report or open a shared data source etc. by throwing errors like: (You’ll find these errors either in the page itself on in the Reporting Services log files located under…


IE 11 browser support for Reporting services versions prior to 2012

I frequently come across customers who use IE 11 to view reports (From Report manager as well from applications using Report viewer controls) that are deployed on Reporting service version prior to 2012 and end up in facing unexpected viewing experiance right from: Multi line tool bar Print button not visible. Page getting stuck with just…


Report exported to PDF causes all the spaces in between the words to be compressed

Have you come across a similar situation when you’ve a report with textbox within or outside a tablix, containing an expression. When you view the report in browser everything looks great. The moment you export the report to PDF and open the same, to your disappointment you see the space in between the words are…


Using Report Viewer control in ASPX pages

If you’re developing a ASP.NET page and planning to use the Microsoft Report Viewer web control for showing reports that are deployed to SSRS prior to 2016, here is a word of recommendation for you. Make sure the page that hosts the Report viewer control has the compatibility setting enabled as shown below: You need…