RepeatWith not working with Physical Paginations like Print, Image and PDF


When we set the RepeatWith property of a TEXTBOX to the table / data region that holds the data, the textbox is not shown in other pages after rendering the report in PDF / Print Preview / Image.


The behavior you are seeing is by design. The RepeatWith functionality is not supported in "physical pagination" renderers: Print, Image, and PDF.


WORKAROUND: (Different scenarios discussed)

1) Any controls that need to repeat before the table should be moved into the table header. Each row in the table header should be set to RepeatOnNewPage=True and The RepeatWith property should not be set.

2) Any controls that need to repeat in the table footer or after the table should be moved into a new detail row in the table. The RepeatWith property should not be set. Any controls currently in the table footer that are not set to RepeatWith should be left where they are. RepeatOnNewPage should be False for the rows in the table footer.

3) All the controls that were moved into the new detail row in the table should have the Visibility, Hidden=True set.

4) Create new controls in the Page Footer which reference the hidden controls in the Table. e.g. textbox24.Value = ReportItems!textbox4.Value, where textbox24 is in the Page Footer and textbox4 is a hidden control in the detail section.

Comments (3)

  1. Sheetal says:

    my report in SSRS contains a table with a table footer. when i export the report to CSV, the table footer data gets prepended to each detail row in the csv. how can one avoid this.

    Also for TIFF format export, only the part that fits in 1 page is seen, the rest of the report is not rendered in tiff.

  2. Selvar says:

    1) It will be hard to exactly point out where it is going wrong untill i see the report design. But my assumption us are you falling in to an issue similar to this?

    2) How you are making sure that it is exporting only the first page? In the picture viewer (Windows picture and Fax viewer) don’t click on the NEXT IMAGE icon. Instead, you should see an ICON with 1 and a drop down box. You can use that drop down to navigate to pages or use the icon(s) that is immediate to the drop down.

    Let me know if this works!!



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