ERROR: The number of requests for XXXServerXXXUser has exceeded the maximum number allowed for a single user

When you browse the Report Manager, you're getting the above error message. 

To resolve this issue, Do the following,

Search for the key

---- MaxActiveReqForOneUser in RSREPORTSERVER.config file under the ReportServer directory,


And set the value to 400 that would look like this


<Add Key =" MaxActiveReqForOneUser" Value="400"/>


Save the rsreportserver.config file and restart the IIS



Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous and in-progress connections that a single user can open to Report Manager. Once the limit is reached, further connection requests from the user are denied. This configuration setting is intended to mitigate a denial of service attack.

Valid values are 0 to a maximum integer. 0 indicates no limit on the number of connections. The default is 20.

Note that most requests process very quickly so it is unlikely that a single user will have more than 20 open connections at any given time. If users are opening more than 15 process-intensive reports at the same time, you might need to increase this value.


Comments (2)

  1. joeciv says:

    Thanks!  Post helped out a lot.

  2. dave says:

    Thanks a lot, helped me just now.. We were running the load testing on the app, and this error came up. Fixed by updating it to 100.

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