Reporting Services – LOG Files

  1. RSSTP<xx>.LOG and RSMSI<xx>.LOG - During installation, the wizard logs all of its actions and checks into log files it maintains in a file called RSSTP_.CAB in the folder \microsoft sql server\80\rs setup bootstrap\log.
  2. RSSTP and RSMSI log files are useful during failed installations.
  3. ReportServerService_<timestamp>.LOG and ReportServerService_Main_<timestamp>.log logs information about Report Server Windows service Corresponds to \mssql\reporting services\bin\web.config.
  4. ReportServer_<timestamp>.LOG - Logs information for the Reporting Services Web service Corresponds to the web.config file in \mssql\reportingservices\reportserver\web.config.
  5. ReportServerWebApp_<timestamp>.LOG - This log file contains information about Report Manager. The corresponding web.config file is located in \mssql\reporting services\report manager\web.config
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