FAQ – Reporting Services

Why can’t I install Reporting Services?

*Remove any traces of previous installations

*Add IWAM, IUSR, and ASPNET users to Admins group

*Be sure all required software and service packs have been applied.

*Make sure the account being used during installation is a member sysadmin SQL Server Security ‘Server Role” (At least during installation)

*Be sure IIS has the Default website enabled and the Identifier is set to 1

*If SQL server is on a remote machine and don’t have proper permissions to the SQL server, you need to run the RSSETUPACCOUNT command line.

What accounts should I use for installation?

Report Server Service

Windows 2000 and XP – suggest Local System (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM)

Windows 2003 – suggest Network Service (NT AUTHOITY\NETWORK


SQL Server Credentials

It is suggested to use a Domain account for all versions of the operating system.

Why can’t I send email subscriptions?

842423 A call to the AuthzInitializeContextFromSid API function may fail during


How can I make Reporting Services work on a Domain Controller?

For Windows 2003, no manual configuration is necessary for Reporting Services to install and run correctly.

On Windows 2000, SRS should install correctly, it will not automatically activate. The following steps will need to be done either before or after installation for Reporting Services to run on a domain controller.

a. Grant ImpersonatePrivilege to the IWAM_<machine> account.

b. Remove the IWAM_<machine> account from the Guest group.

c. Reboot the computer.

When browsing to Report Manager, get the message “Setup could not initialize the report server”


Getting 401 errors after installing Windows 2003 SP1

896861 You receive error 401.1 when you browse a Web site that uses Integrated


How do I make Reporting Services available on the Internet?

To access a report server on the Internet, you must add a ReportServerExternalURL configuration setting that specifies the fully qualified domain name of the report server.


We need to get a RSCLIENTPRINT.DLL log and a matching ReportServer*.log file. We think another possibility is the control maybe hanging due to an issue on the server side. You can enable logging of the control by setting this registry key

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Reporting Services] "LogRSClientPrintInfo"=dword:00000001 – or 0 to turn this off.

The log is created at %temp% and the docs say the file should be named of the type


Recommended Reading

Using SSL for Reporting Serviceshttp://msdn.microsoft.com/data/default.aspx?pull=/library/en-us/dnsql2k/html/sslsetup.asp

How to Move the ReportSever Catalog to a different Server (use RSConfig tool)

842425 How to move a Reporting Services database from a computer that is


Standard Subscriptions

End-user driven

– Select a report for email delivery

– Customize report delivery options

For a report, requires user to specify the following:

– Delivery information

– Rendering format

– Inclusion of report and/or link

– Execution conditions

– Parameters

Data Driven Subscriptions


– Support the wide distribution of a report to a fluctuating list of recipients

Dynamic delivery settings from database fields

– Dynamic list of users

– Custom delivery requirements for each user

– Parameter values for each user

Requires Reporting Services Enterprise Edition

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