Tools to Troubleshoot 32 bit MDAC issues

Component Checker

Component checker is a tool which helps you to find the status of MDAC. If there is a problem with MDAC such as Corrupted MDAC, Mismatched MDAC DLL’s etc, it has the capacity to point us. But as of now MDAC will work till MDAC 2.8 SP 2, which comes with Windows 2003 SP 1. After that it will not work. Developers are still working on that to get the Component Checker updated.

Component Checker Download Details:(Requires genuine Windows Operating System and is only for 32bit OS)

Using Component Checker:

1. Download the component checker from the above location.

2. Extract it to the local machine. (Normally C:)

3. Go to the extracted folder and you’ll see CC.exe.

4. Run the EXE and choose the first option.

Perform analysis of your machine and automatically determine the release version.

5. Click Ok. Now it will show a message box with text like,

MDAC 2.8 SP1 on Windows XP SP2

6. If it is something like UNKNOWN, then it is for sure MDAC is corrupted.

7. Now rerun the component checker and choose the option II.

Perform analysis against a selected version.

8. From the drop down choose the version displayed in the previous run and click Ok.

9. Now you’ll see a window with a TREE VIEW in the left pane.

10. It will have 3 sections,

File Details (MDAC DLL’s)

COM Details

Registry Details

11. Expand each one of them.

12. If MDAC is fine you’ll only see MATCH under each section.

13. If there is a problem with MDAC, then you’ll see MISMATCH and NOTFOUND under each sections.

14. If you see MISMATCH, Expand the TREE for it. Below steps are only for File Details MISMATCHES.

15. Not all the FILE mismatches are culprits.

16. When you expand and check the RIGHT side pane, you’ll see the list of DLL’s.

17. Now go to File menu and save the result as result.xml and open it in a IE.

18. You’ll different sections like File details and under which you’ll see MATCH, MISMATCH, NOTFOUND.

19. Go to the MISMATCH section and,

(a)- See the DLL’s File Version under release name.

(b)- Compare it with the File Version under found.

(c)- If release File Version is HIGHER than Found File Version, then definitely there is a MDAC corruption.

(d)- If the release File Version is LOWER than the Found File version, then the MDAC is still fine and recommended.

20. For 19 (c), You need to take the Mismatched DLL’s from any other working machine (Make sure the DLL versions should match).

21. For Windows 2003 and Windows XP, Go to C:\Windows or WINNT\System32 and in the address bar type DLLCACHE.

22. Copy the DLL there.

23. Then go to the corresponding path of the DLL as shown in the results.xml and past the DLL there.

24. From command prompt, type REGSVR32 <Drag and Drop the DLL from the original location> and hit enter.

25. You’ll now get a message, DLL successfully registered. For some DLL’s you’ll also get an ERROR stating No entry point found. Either way it is fine and nothing more is required.

26. For windows 2000 machines follow the steps from 23 as there is no concept of DLLCACHE is available.

27. Alternatively you can do the same steps by REBOOTING the machine in safe mode, which is the most recommended way.

28. Also if there are too many DLL’s mismatched, Re-Installing MDAC with the same  / Higher version is the recommended approach.

29. For Mismatches under COM and Registry details, check the MDACRT section.

MDAC Installation check points:

MDAC can be installed only on Windows 2000 machines. Till MDAC 2.8 SP 1 can be installed. MDAC 2.8 SP 2 comes with Windows 2003 SP 1 and is not available as a separate download.

For Windows 2003 and Windows XP, MDAC is part of operating system. So installing / Reinstalling the latest Service Pack is the only option available.

MDACRT: MDAC Repair Tool (Needs REBOOT after running the tool)

For mismatches under COM and Registry section, You need to run the MDACRT tool to fix the issue. MDACRT tool is an internal tool available only with the Microsoft PSS and it NOT an EXTERNAL download.

For fixing the issue, you need to open a new ticket with Microsoft and the Developer support engineer will guide you fixing the issue.

Other MDAC issues:

For any issues with MDAC which you couldn’t fix, Please call the Microsoft PSS WEB DATA team and the Engineers will help you diagnosing and fixing the same.

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