How to configure Reporting Services for Scale-out Deployment

1. Install both servers with SSRS2005 with FilesOnly.

2. On the first instance run SSRS Configuration tool and create a database.

3. Configure the service accounts and virtual directories

4. Launch the Configuration tool on the Second SSRS Server

5. Point the Database Server to the same server

6. On the Initialization page, verify that an entry for the second report server instance is created. The Initialized checkbox should be clear.

7. Reconnect to the first report server instance. Because it is already initialized for reversible encryption operations, it will be used to initialize new report server instances in the deployment.

8. On the Initialization page, select the report server instance you are joining to the deployment, and click Join. The Initialized checkbox should be selected for both report server instances. You might need to refresh the page to see the change.

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